Every Irish person and especially Irish men need to hear this podcast

I'm always impressed by Blindboy's ability to paint all of Ireland with the same brush of his experience in backwards, scumbag filled Limerick growing up.

"What got you status as a lad was only 2 things: fighting and being class with girls."


"This went into what I call 'smell my finger' culture where if you fingered a girl you would then offer your hand to the lads in the group."

Anyone who would have done this in my experience growing up would have been labelled an absolute scummer. That is vile.

"Your friend group was only men."

Again, wrong. I went to an all boys school and still had plenty of women friends in our group after school. This was the norm.

I well believe this was his experience but the constant "this is Ireland's culture" is a load of shite. I'd hate to imagine this lad has a large foreign following. The poor fuckers must think we're a kip if this is his usual shtick.

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