To every redditor who feels lonely: Hi, how was your day?

I have a new doctor, a nice young woman who could be my daughter, and I had my second appointment with her the other day. I dont think she remembered me from my first appointment about 8 months ago.

She asked me if I felt any depression, and I actually thought about it for a moment,and said, "Sure, I'm always depressed."

She seemed shocked, and said, "How long have you felt this way?" and I told her I think I've always been depressed. I dont ever remember feeling really happy. If I ever do start feeling good, something slams me back to earth real quick.

She asked if Ive ever done anything about it, and I said No, I dont have time to indulge my depression. Ive learned to push it aside and get on with life. She seemed a little shaken by it, but we moved on.

It would be nice to feel happy about something, though.

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