Why Every Retainer Should Read The Rational Male?

Red pill is bullshit, coming from a previously 'red pilled' individual. it skews your view on reality and human interaction. its like, and I quote the youtuber Meme Analysis "a video game like view on reality". While there are some gems on the sub that are definitely real, a lot of crap is posted there and really portrays sexuality like being a science, when in fact its the most basic human instinct. It really shows that the men there have a lack of energy, energy that comes from sexual continence, like some sort of pick up line or technique will get you laid. In the end, this practice of sexual continence is HOLY and can not be substituted with any amounts of "game", looks, muscles or whatever. Energy is all around us, and we are in the craft of cultivating our energy for greater purposes. Good luck on the path!

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