Every Single Time

The problem is with the individual states as much as the industries.

Like for example, if a tariff did make a factory move back to the US why would they set it up in a place like the rust belt where taxes are high, infrastructures are crumbling, and the word union isn’t a bad word when they could instead build the factory in a right to work state like Texas where the employees will shut down the guy talking about a union for you?

I mean hell, the rust belt became the rust belt because it once was the place for cheap labor compared to the east coast as populations shifted there and that advantage got eroded over time one union deal or protectionist law after another. Even if the citizens themselves are willing to work for less or outside a union the state laws prevent it from being as cheap as it could be in say Texas, and there are too many underfunded public pensions in those areas for any politician to dare talk about unwinding it all to be more competitive.

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