Everybody wants to believe the system is rigged; nobody wants to believe the system is rigged in their favor.

My roommate found me a job at her work place. It was supposed to be temporary work but the owner liked me a lot. So when the contract expired he offered me a full time position making more money than my roommate. I told him that I could only accept it if my roommate got the same salary I was offered. We were doing the exact same job. The guy told me that he would not raise my friends salary that he was about to fire her because she did not have the right look for the job. But that he thought I had a bright future working for him. I felt like vomiting. I said no, thank you. I told my roommate only about being offered more money and that I had refused it because they where clearly horrible people. She quit the job in the same day.

It was a very easy decision. The game was clearly rigged. It still baffles me that many people would have accepted it.

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