"Everybody's trying to shame us"

a shit about himself and how he’s being shamed. You can see the rage all over his face. His complexion is almost purple from it. Sorry, we’re done with over-policing in this country. The segment of the population that is clearly ok with lessening the role of police is a lot bigger. People will drop off as the public’s anger starts to subside, but I think the calls are too loud to ignore. I think this makes defunding police while investing in solutions to heal our communities a lot more appealing to politicians. In addition to that, as we see changes being made in cities across the U.S., I think we’re also going to find success in those changes. When that happens, Democrats are going to have a really hard time not implementing bigger reforms in our city’s. We can’t get lazy though. We have to keep showing up. Keep protesting bad policies and police. Keep asking difficult questions of our leaders. Keep the memories of the victims alive. There is hope for a better future in this and we’re going to have to push hard, but a lot of the pieces are there. Sorry, videos like this make me happy.

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