Is everyone going for the world cup?

hmm even though Worlds this year was really exciting and made it look like "the gap was closing" in the end to me it still felt like IG & KT were just miles ahead of everybody else.

I think the main reason for many Koreans to go to different regions is to experience a different culture and to probably have a less demanding work ethic. (? I don't know if I used that right)

Are they going to a different region because they think they will have a higher chance of winning Worlds? I highly doubt it, but I do believe that they are going to try to get their team to Worlds.

I don't think regions are going to have like a meeting with every team and be like okay which 3 teams are we going to get to Worlds this year. It's probably just that good players are more likely to join a team with good players, or just that the teams with the most money can just afford more good players.

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