Why is everyone here on DNP?

Because this is reddit and reddit is obviously full of fat fucks who are either desperate, depressed, poor or all of those.

How desperate, depressed and poor?

So desperate they will ingest a potentially life threatening substance to lose weight.

So depressed it prevents them from choosing the safe and healthy alternative because how could you ever go for a jog if even the thought of leaving your bed for a piss seems like a huge undertaking?

So poor their sole source of "nutrition" are soda cans of molten sugar and maybe a fast food dollar menu on their birthday.

Here's my advice for you fat fucking faggots

Desperate people

If you're desperate to lose weight that's good. If you're so desperate you're tossing all health concerns aside that's BAD. Losing weight quickly is so much easier than building muscle and there is absolutely no reason to cut corners if that means risking your health.

Gambling with your life in an effort to speed up the process is risky behavior that is purely driven by emotion. So turn off your emotions for a second and look at this rationally: If there were no other people on earth to judge you, would you still ingest DNP? People acknowledging your weight loss at your wake is of no use to you, because YOU WILL BE DEAD. So why risk it? Stop caring about what other people think of you and do what's best for you!

Depressed people

You probably have it worst. Food has become your sole source of comfort and your condition makes it impossible for you to find the motivation to do anything about it. You don't really care that much if you're alive or dead but if it has to be alive you'd rather be skinny. So with DNP you think you're looking at the easy way out either way.

Well I don't really have any advice for you aside from seeking professional treatment. Clinical depression is terrible and I've seen it cripple people to the point where they're unable to perform the simplest tasks. But there is hope for you miserable bastards! It can be treated (look into Tianeptine) and I promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel. ... that came out wrong. Don't kill yourselves, I don't know if there is an afterlife.

Poor people

In many western countries fast food has become the cheapest food source available and it's turning entire nations into armies of michelin people. Do not succumb to this trend. And if you already have... well I'd pity you more if you were trying to build muscle but losing weight is fucking easy if you're poor. Use your financial situation to your advantage and just eat less you poor fuck. My father went 2 weeks without food when our family hit a rough patch and he came out fine! Granted he had a massive stroke around the same time frame but that's probably definitely totally unrelated.

No you won't be starving. Children in Africa are starving, you're fasting. There are studies showing that intermittent fasting actually prolongs your life. YOU'RE SO POOR IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU. How more privileged could you be?

General advice for weight loss

  • Only drink water. NO SODA. Tea and coffee are okay.

  • Eat right. There are people out there who instead of eating dinner, down 5 cans of Mountain Dew sugar and wonder why they're still fat even though "they skipped dinner". Well you weren't fasting, you were binging on sugar you dumb piece of shit. Pasta is a thousand times more delicious than any soda and it actually has nutritious value so why not stuff yourself with that instead? "PASTA? Bu-bu-but what about muh low-carb diet?" Eating carbs is fine faggot. It fact it's beneficial. We NEED carbs - just make sure they are low on the glycemic index. Opt for the aforementioned pasta, rice and oatmeal instead of your faggy sweet little snacks. Be a man will ya?

  • Continuously ramp up your daily physical activity. Start by walking or riding a bike anywhere you go. Erase cars and public transport from your mind. Same thing with escalators and elevators. Just walk up the fucking stairs like a normal person.

After you built up some stamina from all that walking you did (whew!) add in some light jogging. Do it at night if you're ashamed of your body or buy a treadmill, but do it! Your stamina will improve so goddamn fast. It really is insane how much quicker and farther you can run after a short period of time. In my experience you will notice improvements almost daily. This quickly adds up if you keep at it.

When you have lost some weight and you feel ready to go the next step - transition into HIIT. It's the ultimate way to burn fat. It hurts so good and it's incredibly rewarding. You will feel like shit but also like Superman. Do it for that sweet, sweet runner's high.

Aside from all that I don't think there's anything wrong with taking DNP IF you've done your research and you are 100% sure that you have all the information available that enables you to build a carefully crafted protocol which eliminates all the dangers associated with DNP use. I doubt someone knows how to, but if you do please share it with as many retards as you can who otherwise might potentially harm themselves.

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