Everyone is ignorant about foreign countries, not just Americans

America is always involved in the affairs of dozens of large and small countries simultaneously, maybe even over 100. The government/media doesn't give us briefings on everything that America is doing around the world.

As an American, you wouldn't know about most of these things unless you actively Googled something like "What wars in America currently involved in?" and then went down a rabbit hole.

I'm sure that whatever America is doing in Korea is very significant to Korean people right now, but it doesn't make a blip on the radar as far as daily life here is concerned.

Here is an article that can give some context:


I wouldn't hold the average American responsible for knowing the basic political facts and history of 134 different places. Getting them to memorize the first 5 of our own presidents is already a challenge.

How many many nations is Brazil currently playing 3-d chess with?

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