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Dude, that wasn't neutral at all.

the spanish goverment (PP) treats the region like hell. Don't think I need to say anything other that that's entirely your opinion.

"The hateful coments you read from the spaniard population and even big politicians, it's insane." You are showing just one side of the coin, I may even dare to say Catalonians tend to be more agressive when refering to spaniards.

The spanish goverment said it was ilegal and send 10 thousand policemen from all over the country to stop and raid the polling stations. So the 1 of october, people went to vote and this happened- It's not that they said that, it's in 'the big law book' of our country. Plus I may add that there's a lot of confirmed false imagery around trying to make the Police action on the referendum bad. So there's that.

Even with all the repression, around 2,5 million people voted (the catalan population including people that cant vote is 7 milion) and the YES won with more than 90% Our goverment promoted not taking part in the referendum, as it was illegal. Not as in "in you go are going to vote you are getting beaten", but as in "It wont count, it's illegal, dont waste your time in there. And btw, in the end, after the police tried to stop the vote from happening, in several places they ended up doing it in a lets say less than formal way - without registers and such. In fact there has been several cases of people posting on social media voting multiple times on different schools. Here's an interesting example on the matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQVbZB_5i9o

What was the response of the spanish population? "FUCK CATALAN PEOPLE HAHAHA! FUCK YOU!" Are you sure you are trying to stay neutral there, buddy? Of course, that hasn't been the spanish response at all, but rather the spitefull concept the Independist have about the rest of Spain. Also, people against the movement is getting repressed in catalonia.

And I'm already tired of writing a wall of text. Belive it or not, I'm neutral on this thing, but it's annoying when people resorts to lies and manipulation to convince outsiders and to prove their point. In fact, this reminds me to the "Save Catalonia" video, which has already been debunked in ten differet ways. In this thing, take everything with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, there's my two cents on the topic. Hope u/fiston69 expands on the matter of why u/sabatagol isn't objective at all.

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