[EVERYTHING] Game of Thrones Releases season 7 Episode Titles, Details


Dragonstone: "Jon organizes the defense of the North" - Jon plans a mission to get obsidian from Dragonstone to fight the undead army. Not many other options right now.

"Cersei tries to even the odds." - From the trailer, we see Cersei standing in front of a dragon skull. Could her and Qyburn be plotting a way to kill them?

"Daenerys comes home." - I wonder where she could be going! /s

Stormborn: "Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor." - I suspect either Jon or Mel. We know Jon needs Dragonstone's obsidian. But we also see Mel in the trailer on the steps of Dragonstone.

"Jon faces a revolt." - If Jon is at Dragonstone, it'll probably be Littlefinger persuading people to support Sansa over Jon while he's away. If Jon remains at Winterfell, well, it's still probably Littlefinger backstabbing Jon somehow.

"Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros." - Tyrion takes Casterly Rock for Dany. We know from previous episodes that Tyrion was put in charge of the waste systems, and he did a damn good job of it. We see Grey Worm in the trailer floating outside of what looks like a sewage entrance/exit. We also see from the trailer Unsullied soldiers kicking Lannister soldier ass.

The Queen's Justice: "Daenerys holds court." - I'm sure something dramatic will happen. Either discovery of a lost battle, a betrayal, or learning of the WW threat.

"Cersei returns a gift." - We're getting us some poisoned Sand Snakes!

"Jaime learns from his mistakes." - Cersei's gonna do something insane, and Jamie's gonna be all like, "OMG my sister is pure evil; if only there had been some warning signs!"

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