Everything we suspected about Donald Trump has come true. Donald Trump is a fascist. He comes right out and says it. Even his friends admit it. He's also a whiny loser.

Trump tries to take control with everything he does. That “move the election” that you brought up,

Yes that tweet was dumb, and maybe like 1/50th of the way to actual fascism. The first part of your statement is bullshit, as attested to by the reliance on individual state's leadership during the pandemic.

it cant happen in america

"It" being fascism, not "bad things" like your weird strawman is suggesting.

This idea that fascism has to have happened before to happen again doesnt really make sense, as it always has to happen unprecedented the first time.

I'm truly talking to a brick wall here. Yes fascism can technically always happen, but the USA is a very anti-fascist country.

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