Everything wrong with how Blizzard handled the Faction War in BfA

Classic is the biggest piece of proof that Horde Bias exists.

Players weren't knowledgeable about the game in Vanilla, and Alliance dominated. Now people know how good Horde racials are and Horde already dominate most PvP servers. This is BEFORE Blood Elves were introduced to triage the Horde population.

If BC servers ever come out it will be shitshow. The most popular race with a busted racial will be too much.

I'm surprised people are so adamant about no changes. Why not try to build a more healthy game? Undead have a racial that let's them completely FUCK two whole classes that some Alliance players play. I don't blame Alliance players for going off to PvE servers. We get to see a repeat of the balance that led to the state of faction balance repeat all over.

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