Everything Wrong With The New ROBLOX Place Page Design

Releasing it unfinished is like releasing a car unfinished. It needs to at least follow some sort of release cycle and go through testing before being released live to thousands of users. The new design almost appears as though it wasn't finished, or didn't go through quality assurance.

The redesigned layout didn't improve upon the overall usability of the page. It actually made it worse. The old design is much easier to read and navigate. The games section on the old design allowed you to click "Last" to go to the last page of the game listing. Making it easier to join games with fewer users in them.

You stated that pointing out smaller things such as positioning and rgba values shows how the designed has improved. I wouldn't point out the same things about the older design as it simply doesn't have the same issues. The new redesigned introduced these issues. There is actually consistency in the old design.

Compare these two designs: https://imgur.com/a/YsoGf The old one is much easier to read, the images are not way larger than they need to be, you can click the badge title to go to their specific page, there is much less whitespace and the positioning/text is formatted way better.

Now compare these two designs: https://imgur.com/a/lvFwm In the old design, in just this section alone, I can view more information than redesign. I can see the full title, whether or not it requires BC to play, more accurate time of the place's last update, a visual list of all the thumbnails, the join date of the creator and weather or not they have BC, the max players, the genre and allowed gear types. I'm also able to favourite the place, vote on it, and report it. Not only that but I'm allowed to be if the place is copylocked. Though this may seem small, the new design just list the creators name. It doesn't hint at all as to why it's there. The old design puts "Builder:" above their name, and shows their avatar to the left. The old design also doesn't have the issue of favourites overflowing and displaying below the star. While the old design wasn't as visually appealing as the new, it was formatted way better.

Comments on the old design are much easier to read. The new ones look dreadful.

The fact that there is so many small amateur mistakes goes to show that this wasn't ready for full release. It simply isn't done.

Assuming from your username being "rblx", your account being created just before commenting, and the fact that you're trying to defend bad design decisions made by their web design team makes me wonder if you're a developer there. If so, don't try to pass this off as "ready". It's not better to release something simply because it has a higher version number. You actually need to finish it.

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