eVolk is ridiculously toxic

Had a bad few runs and every one is toxic...


Then proceed to ask for easy content so no one is toxic


I m honestly tired of

  • people thinking it s ok to ask for easier content just to because they had a bad day,

  • of those thinking that it s ok that after playing 2 months 10 mins here 10 there to have the same level of accessibility than people who spent countless hours invested in the game,

  • people that think that because it is mobile game, it actually doesn t have the right to be challenging.

I believe that the games should cater for everyone in the sense that you shoud have content with all type of difficulty ranging from easy to hard, but I dont believe everyone should have access to everything if they dont want to invest time and effort.

Currently Okada works on making it more accessible to new payer, but I sure do hope that he keeps his promise in bringing more challenging content!

Only in little school you have a medal for participating, later on you want shit you have to work for it.

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