Is Ewan McGregor aware of the (practically cultish) treatment he gets on reddit/the internet?

I personally don't care about Ewan McGregor other than thinking he's a good actor in the maybe 2 or 3 films I've seen him in. All I was wondering was if he was aware of the cult following he has in one of the biggest websites on the internet.

Putting aside your passive aggresivness, I don't think what you said makes any sense. His entire career is dependant on how the audience likes him. Knowing that a sizeable amount of people on reddit revere you would be something worth knowing, when your entire career is dependant on people liking you.

My question was simply asking if he has ever acknowledged the cult following he has. I wasn't asking if he dedicates all his time to thinking about shitty memes people post about him, just if he knows about his dedicated fanbase that grew rather quickly in large part because of reddit.

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