The ex-boyfriend I’ve been hung up on for four years finally reached out to me and apologized like I always lowkey dreamed would happen. And I didn’t have sex with him and realized I moved on and didn’t need that drama. I would like a cookie now.

I have almost the same story! My first bf ever (we had an innocent 3 year relationship the first time around) randomly contacted me out of nowhere 4 years later when I was 20. I fell for him again right away, as I had always dreamed of seeing him again. A couple months in and he had cut me off from my family, friends, made me quit my job to work with him and was very mentally abusive. I'm no doctor but I'm 90% sure he had borderline personality disorder. We would be completely happy one moment laughing and out of no where the mood flips from something as simple as dropping a cereal box. He's held knifes to himself, burning paper towel rolls over the bed.. so many crazy things. He messaged me apologizing years later. It definitely felt good and released some trauma. But I'm still working through my anxiety. I haven't gained back any of the friends I blew off for him. My biggest trauma I still deal with is seeing my childhood best friends all being friends going to each other's weddings ect. Without me.

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