Ex-meat-eaters, how were you able to shake away the lifestyle and become vegetarian/vegan?

I dropped a cold turkey about a week after watching footage of what happens in the egg and dairy industries.

What honestly helped me was a meal replacement that tasted like oatmeal, but had my nutritional needs sorted out. It helped me replaced my morning routine meal of eggs (I eat the same meal for breakfast everyday).

That and ready made vegan alternative meats. If you crave the taste of animal products, eat those, and you'll be satisfied taste-wise.

If you are like me, the social stigma around becoming vegan will be your biggest challenge, and you may want to not be the social outcast of whatever group you are a part of. I don't know if this is a big thing in Alberta, but it was in my family and group of friends. With this, for me, what was important was to remember what Abraham Lincoln said, that, "Might doesn't make right. Right makes might." If you are spiritually, ethically, morally doing the right thing; the tides of history are in your favorite, so long as you stay steadfast.

Today, I can say that there are 3 vegans, 2 vegetarians, maybe 10 or so people in my family/friends that have reduced their animal consumption after the initial first year, mostly because of where they were at spiritually, but partially because I bore the brunt of the negative stigma, so they had less personal "costs" in transitioning. If you want to deal with family/friends better, talk to people here r/vegan or other vegan subs and use it as support group for difficult moments/times, watch the documentaries/speeches/street activists that interest you. Being informed is a good thing.

Lastly, you'll hear the following counter-arguments a lot, so imo, get used to them. :) https://yourveganfallacyis.com/en

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