Ex-Middle Schoolers of Reddit, what advice would you give to those in middle school or entering middle school?

This is your time to mess up and make mistakes before high school. No one cares about your middle school grades after you are out of middle school, but work on keeping them good! Work on good work habits and figure out your learning style and strategies that world for you! It’s better to start to figure out those things before you go into 9th grade and struggle with finding what works for you. I did really shitty in 9th grade because I procrastinated and didn’t do my work. I’m still dealing with some the consequences of me procrastinating and not turning work on (nothing bad. I just failed Algebra I in 9th grade had to redo it last year and now I’m doing Algebra II and geometry at the same time in 10th grade. Please don’t worry about me. I’m doing fine with both of those classes right now. It’s my fault that I failed that class and the only person who I can blame is myself). Right now is the time to learn about yourself and make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are good learning experiences and make you a better person. Don’t worry about making mistakes right now. Middle school does not last forever and everyone is learning still. You are not fully matured and you have a lot of room to grow! You don’t need to rush everything about growing up. I’m sorry If I’m rambling or if I don’t make sense. Middle school and high school are not scary and you are going to survive.

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