Ex-mil on the pregnancy and birth of her first grandchild before stooping so low to steal from a child.

We attempted to gain one after the hospital incident but we couldn't prove she had the blanket/taken the blanket (as it's my word against hers) or was a threat of actually taking the child as she claimed we misheard what she said and didn't have a car seat in her car at the time. Since we hadn't made any previous police reports they gave her a slap on the wrist. Since she has only slight contact with dd and recently only when her half-sibling is around and has been a well behaved human whilst the children are there she looks like the perfect grandmother making it harder to prove she's a threat. It's the reason for vvvlc. I do have a file I have kept with bits of evidence I do have but since myself and my fdh have her blocked on social media, phone and she isn't aware of our address (only a po box where she sends checks for dd's birthday cards to) it's not enough evidence to show stalking and physical threats we can use against her. I hope this explains a bit more.

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