Ex-N crawled back AGAIN, make amends or ignore them

No no no no no no NO! Don’t do it. Seriously, these people fucking suck. They suck at being empathetic, they suck at being kind, they suck ay being considerate, the suck at apologizing, and they SUCK the life out of you until you’re dead inside.

You will be miserable if you go back. Try to remember how great you were before them. If you stay, you’ll never see your wonderful self again. Fuck these people. They have a special place in hell. Leave, cut off all contact, and never look back.

You’re better than that and you deserve someone who appreciates all the wonderful qualities you posses. ☺️

Sorry to be so harsh. I hope they all get COVID-19 and die. The world will be a better place without them. I wouldn’t even want them to parent my children. They destroy all that is good. They are like a cat-5 hurricane fucking yo everything the touch. Screw them all.

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