Ex-pro-lifers, what changed your mind on abortions?

Conception is a clear demarcation taught to this day at medical schools worldwide.


Care to back that up?

Care to be reasonably informed about RU-486? I didn't realise this shift in definition was going to be news for you. Perhaps a few wikipaedia pages would bring you up to speed. While the new definition is most seen amongst the social and political spheres, conception is still accepted by established doctors and is taught worldwide.

faith based statement

Western philosophy isn't "faith based". There's been no mention of religion. You might assume anything other than branded Atheism™ is an easy strawman called "faith based".

The idea that humans are more than just animals, but have distinct status as people isn't "faith based". It's core to the definition of MUH RIGHTS that get screeched about. Unless people are indeed special, simply because they are human, then rights are a fallacy. My Rights stop with your Power. Rights have nothing to do with abortion. You have the power to take life.

EPILOGUE: You make no distinctions about human life being special. This requires "faith" in your head.

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