Ex raped me and attacked me


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Author: /u/decendcats

Title: Ex raped me and attacked me

Original Post:

On probably about 5 occasions my ex has raped me. I have agreed to let him have sex with me in my sleep two times. Then he continued to do it 3 more times without my consent and then he has not stopped having sex with me when I say I don't want to have sex anymore. This happened twice. These incidents happened months ago and i feel like the police will do nothing about it. Yesterday he tried to force himself on me and I hit him and then he hit me and almost hit me again after that. We both called the police on each other he called the police on me because I cut his TV cord in half with scissors. I am on Friday, going to a family resource center to get a restraining order, which is great, but I feel like it's not a big enough justice. I don't think he should be free while I look bad because I cut his TV cord and filed the restraining order. I'm not sure what my options are on this, so that's why I keep asking for help here

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