Example why I am a Atheist....

That's an excellent point. I mentioned somewhere else that I am not a Bible scholar and am open to being presented new information or shown points of interest, even though I am trying to avoid getting into heated name calling type arguments with trolls and people who want to be angry instead of discuss.

My intention with my original comment was just to point out that Christians don't universally agree with this guy and that he was cherry picking a verse to suit his specific purpose of justifying rape. Which is gross, weird, and wrong.

The Old Testament as I've said before is wild and sometimes I struggle with it. I'm not going to deny what's in there, because I've read a lot of it and it's disturbing at many junctures. I can't answer to all of that or explain all of it because I am not a professional or an expert just a reader. What I can say is that a Christian is not a Christian unless they take into account the teachings of Jesus from the new testament as well. He clearly didn't. He just found a verse and ran with it, like many people do.

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