Excerpt Extravaganza - April 12

Azur Lane | G | none

Just as Helena wished there was something else she could do other than standing there awkwardly, Kido beckoned for her to come closer.

"So…well, how should I say this…" he began, "Oh yeah, I have, at last, found someone. I know it wasn't fair of me because the two of you had long passed, and we can't talk it over—perhaps you might not even approve my choice if you do have the chance to meet her. I'm sorry about that. I know I've never been a good son."

Briefly looking at Kido, Helena thought he was unusually solemn; and whether he realized it or not, she felt the hand holding hers tightens up.

"But then again…I've never forgotten the most important thing you two taught me…' when you finally found what you've been looking for in your life, hold on to it.' And I have found what I'm looking for, and she's here, standing before you. Her name is Helena. And, though it's impudent of me to ask—and I'm really, really sorry for that—will you…accept her?"

A rare gust of wind caused the leaves on the nearby trees to rustle. Kido smiled at the occurrence and murmured a hushed thank you. Remembering that people of Sakura Empire were often fond of reading into things, Helena thought that maybe he earned his parent's blessings after all.

"Perhaps…you want to say something to them too?"

Helena wasn't prepared for that at all but cannot bring herself to say no. So she faced the tomb and bowed, keeping her head down afterward as a gesture of respect—and also because she wanted to try and hide the fact she's blushing heavily.

"Ah…um, so, I'm Helena," she said, feeling rather foolish though she wasn't about to back away now. "And…Truthfully, I don't know what to say…but somehow, I feel I want to thank you both. So…thank you, for this person who cares for me, in ways nobody else ever did—even though I might not deserve it…"

Deeply she inhaled and exhaled, already feeling somewhat lighter, but she wasn't done yet.

"…And… Rest assured…Though I cannot do much, I will put my best efforts to take care of him from here on and hereafter. I promise."

There was another gust of wind, and Helena noticed Kido had let go of her hand. She glanced upward, seeing him wiping his eyes, his lips forming a broad smile.

"Thank you," she whispered.

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