Excited and Honored.. Received my blue belt today

I just want to add something to this. Sometimes people hear the words “mental health” and “therapy” and get freaked out. Like, they’re being told they’re crazy or something.

I dont want to make your story about me so I’ll just say I had some pretty bad anxiety years ago. Made the decision to go talk to someone (CBT therapist) and not only did my anxiety improve ten fold, but I see him to this day just for general life stuff and look forward to our meetings. I can’t recommend it enough.

If I can give you one piece of advice it would be treat yourself how you would treat a loved one in the same situation. If a loved one said “I’m having a hard time right now” you wouldn’t scold them for feeling down. You would embrace them and help them heal. Do that for yourself. Also, Let yourself rest and stay away from these toxic notions and ideas that rest or self-care is for the weak. You had a traumatic event and need to let yourself recover naturally and at your body’s on pace. Which it sounds like you’re doing a great job of! Stay the course of recovery and you’ll be stronger than ever!

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