I was so excited when my friend told me he started his own business...then I learned it was an MLM.

Just tell her you're 'too lazy' [apparentally] to take proper care of your skin and health/general well-being.. and maybe compound on it with; 'I can't afford your overpriced magic poo-tions anyway, because not all of us made the BIG BUCKS working for asslack or anything..' ..essentially throw her words/sentiments right back at her with one hand whilst simultaneously flipping her off with the other.

It makes sense that she poops regularly though, people who are so abundantly full of shit can produce it on command, like the shit that comes out of her mouth.

I'm sorry for going on and on like this, if this is like your favorite cousin and I'm just shitting all over her by being a complete sarcasticunt, I apologize. Just trying to be funny really, no real harm intended. It just especially irks me when people like her who are supposed to be your FAMILY are treating you like you're straight up lazy simply because you won't just do what she says and debase yourself for nil pay, then later starts looking at your wallet like it should be her next paycheck because she's suckered into an mlm.. just nah, with all of that bullshit.

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