Exclusive: almost a fifth of UK homes with children go hungry in lockdown

Think of it logistically. How do you do that exactly? Right now, whole households are locked in. What you are proposing means locking in vunerable only. Those vunerable people arent the only people living in those households, the others will go out, catch it and spread it to them. So your option is to lock those said people in one room. Even then, how do they go to take a shit? bucket? How do they get their food? Even if you are extra cautious it wont be enough - we told people to wash holds, dont touch face, and thats not enough - people still get it. Other option is to put all of them in one place like an care home, but who will look after them? And if one fuck up happens, they all end up dead unless even in the care home they get locked in their rooms with the same situation as getting locked in one room with your family.

Second option is the best option, just not sure how feasible that is as care homes have the highest casaulties for covid19 right now.

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