Exil's Yorick video

Granted I’m no longer a top main but it still stands. If yasuo doesn’t go shiv he can’t push the wave faster than Aatrox meaning Aatrox can always either roam bot quicker or force a dive. Aatrox has better lifesteal and forced yasuo to stunt his build, he can go tabis and bramble vest unless yasuo has shiv he can’t win a trade because he relies too much on crits.

Aatrox q isn’t easy to dodge when your being dove under turret or the wave is being crashed on you, can’t windwall it. Aatrox also can go through walls eliminating a lot of chase potential, he has move speed and health regen on ult meaning he can always kite the yasuo better.

You clearly don’t understand Aatrox or yasuo. An even skilled Aatrox always beats an even skilled or slightly less skilled yasuo.

Ask yourself genius, if yasuo dumpsters Aatrox why isn’t every pro playing him? Or at all through summer in lec, we know players can play yasuo and did play him why not pick him into all of the Aatrox tops?

Because players that are higher elo and smarter than you know it’s a shit pick. So stfu and go back to playing in flex q with your “high elo” gold friends ;)

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