This exit door Ina nursing home is camouflaged to dissuade patients with dementia from escaping

This is a great thing. Not cruel at all. I work at a retirement home during overnights. I once had a lady who would like to "run" out of her room and wall to the lobby and leave. Taht would be fine and dandy. But or couldn't fo to the bathroom or even talk well by herself. So we had to keep a close eye on her. Couldnt have her walking away and hurting herself. One night she deiced to take a walk at night. While it was snowing. Unfortunately she had very little clothing on and walked out there. Freezing winds and snow everywhere. The carratakers check on residents every hour. So when she wasn't there they had me plus 5 other people looking for her. I found her outside coufused and tying to enter my co-workers car. Apparently she had an appointment at 2am... I had to carry her like a baby back to her room. A bunch of the carstaff then helped her warm up. Dementia is a real bitch

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