Exodus movie casting look legit like...

Ehh, you're simplifying things a bit to go with your agenda.

There is no strong consensus either way, but the majority lean away from your agenda here.

Most scholars of Egypt do not equate ancient Egyptians with your modern notion of "Black".

Ancient Egyptians themselves did not see themselves this way and made records of their own self-perception as being different from the very Black Nubians.

Look at the "Tables of Nations", a common motif of Ancient Egyptian art. The Egyptians portray themselves as red while clearly demarking other Africans as Black.

Table of Nations

Table of Nations

Table of Nations

Now, to be fair, there is one version of the Table of Nations which seems to depict the Egyptian to be the same as the Nubian, but her is a lot of scholarly debate about the validity of interpretation here.

All in all, it doesn't really matter to me or change my day-to-day life -- but the argument isn't as decided as you're projecting here. Like many topics of ancient history, the evidence can be cherry-picked however you want. We can pull all the paintings that seem to show Egyptians as really dark, but we can also pull all the paintings that show them as red to even cream colored. I've got no dog in the fight personally because I'm not Egyptian and have no desire to try to claim the feats of Ancient Egypt as a Black phenomena.

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