Expats/immigrants in Belgium: what are some of the quirks you've noticed

Good for you, I drive slightly above the speed limit (126-128 with regulator most of the time) and while I’m overtaking like 2 trucks and 5 cars with almost no space to merge between them, I get flashed all the time by cars driving 150-160km/h thinking the road belong to them. Most of the time I’m already overtaking when they get behind me and I have nowhere to go. Mostly guys 50-65 yo in fancy cars, the worst on the road in my experience. I drive about 80kms everyday on the highway and it happens very often when I drive a citadine car. Happens way less when I drive our SUV tho.

I gotta say, yesterday I thought it would happen when I was overtaking a truck and I saw a Porsche come in super fast behind me but the guy actually braked and waited with a reasonable distance before overtaking me when I merged. I was pleasantly surprised (he was probably in his 30’s tho).

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