I want to experience life as a white woman

You’re absolutely right, there’s definitely white girl magic. As I get older, I find it diminishes. I’ve found a few things help - good posture (painful), always smiling (annoying) and botox to get rid of that grumpy line between my eyebrows (expensive). Not the same as race by a long shot - i’m just amazed at how tangible the magic is that I can dial it up or down so easily, that our society is so superficial.

I love that I feel entitled to a good education, great healthcare, and the respect and kindness of neighbors and the police. I wish like hell every girl felt that assured - you imagine what it feels like to be one of those girls, while I imagine how great this world could be if every kid grew up with that security and confidence.

I hope women being candid (and positive) on this thread will nudge us in the right direction. Thank you rufinished for your post :)

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