Experience with therapy/psychologists?

Go for medical diagnosis. I have suffered from anxiety, PTSD, sleeping disorder for almost 7years and most therapist are the same. They make you talk about stuff, will give you a partner to talk to, someone who'll tell you to do this, do that. It did help me get positive thoughts but I had developed physical symptoms like high heart rate, chest pain, panic attacks almost once every month and horrible attacks. There were two points where I thought I was having a cardiac arrest because of the sharp chest pain, inability to breathe and heavy sobbing.

I got myself medically tested. I had extreme high levels of adrenaline, Tsh, cortisol in my blood which were responsible for these physical problems. Now, I take three different types of pills to keep my hormones under control. I can finally sleep well for 7hours every night( i couldn't sleep for days on end, not like staying up watching series all night and sleeping during the day. I couldn't sleep for days on end, no matter how tired I was), no more chest pain, didn't get any panic attack in 6months, I also haven't cried in a long time(which is huge for me, I used to cry everyday)

The thing is, if you are lonely and you don't have any physical symptoms, physical affects, then therapy will help you. It focuses more on the mental peace and organising your thoughts, giving you perspective and depth in life. But, if you have physical symptoms, a medical diagnosis will help you. You cannot control hormones in your body by your mere thoughts. It'll also save you from developing more severe consequences and save years of your life.

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