Experiences with smoking weed?

I started way before I knew anything about autism. I just knew I was weird. One of my special interests was heavy metal music (this was back in the 1980's, so that wasn't uncommon), so a natural peer group was the headbangers (though I never got the badass thing down).

Long story short, that was how I got introduced to pot. It didn't make me feel any less weird, but when I was high, I didn't care. I liked the soothing effect, and it did open some doors socially (though most of those people turned out to be taking advantage of me, another story).

Within five years, though, it came to amplify every neurotic tendency I have, to the point that I would get near suicidal. I've heard the "you have to find the right strain" spiel, but honestly, if it were perfectly legal in my state and someone gave me ten pounds to sample, it would end up in my compost bin.

I have no use for it, though I understand that others do. In the long run, I think that it may have made me worse, and I get kind of aggravated when I hear of it being peddled as a panacea for all ills. That, and marijuana culture seems to be out of control. Or maybe I'm just old and grumpy.

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