Experimental Card: Triple Damage Discussion Megathread

That's because when shit hits the fan, support and tank go, "I hAvE aLl GoLds! DpS dO yOuR jOb," despite DPS making impact plays, focusing shield break, and body guarding the support players/tank blindspot to ensure victory. It's not just DPS, it's everyone. DPS supports, super aggro tanks, AND subpar DPS play. It's not a single role that's breaking the game. There are too many people online who care way too much about their SR instead of focusing on correcting their own mistakes, players who think they're pros even though all evidence points to the contrary, and toxic players who bitch and moan no matter if you're winning by a large margin or losing. So, to put the blame solely on DPS is misguided. It's the community. Yesterday, we had an attack bastion, and from the get go, everyone started bitching and throwing despite that player carrying us to victory. At the end of the day, it's a game. We play to win, but ultimately, we're here for fun. Unfortunately, there are too many people who think they're fucking defran and ruin the experience and throw the game because they don't get the exact comp they wanted.

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