Explain to me the "love hierarchy" - Men>Women>Children

I mean, sure, but the point of the RP is ultimately build a political coalition to overthrow feminism, and to do that you have to paint the world in black and white. Truth is the first causality in any war. This is a culture war, a gender war.

As someone who’s occasionally engaged in some consensus-challenging myself, let me tell you, it’s really hard. Try being perfectly balanced, going out of your way to explain all the facts that disagree with your thesis and pointing out all the grey areas – and no one will listen to you at all. Because if people have heard all their life that A is pure good and B is total evil, and you hand them some dense list of facts suggesting that in some complicated way their picture might be off, they’ll round it off to “A is nearly pure good and B is nearly pure evil, but our wise leaders probably got carried away by their enthusiasm and exaggerated a bit, so it’s good that we have some eggheads to worry about all these technical issues.” The only way to convey a real feeling for how thoroughly they’ve been duped is to present the opposite narrative – the one saying that A is total evil and B is pure good – then let the two narratives collide and see what happens.


And this is really hard, because the same institutions who swallow the utterly bankrupt mainstream narrative whole will suddenly rediscover their skepticism and pick apart every little exaggeration and omission in the contrary narrative. This is the domain of isolated demands for rigor; suddenly no objection is too vague or philosophical, and any amount of emotion or editorializing represents a “bias” that discredits the entire work. So countercultural elements are caught between a rock and a hard place: if they stick to a minimalist stating of the most agreed-upon facts, then it’s not enough to shock people out of their prejudices; any attempt to spin a convincing narrative in the way their mainstream opponents do all the time, and they get attacked for going beyond what can be 100% incontrovertibly defended.


Even from a rehab perspective - when you're trying to get an addict to quit, you don't fairly enumerate the pluses and minuses of drinking, you don't elaborate on all the people who successfully integrate moderate drinking, or even wine-tasting as a passionate hobby, in your detox program, you conjure up the bleakest picture imaginable; and sometimes the truth is so horrible it pushes people unnecessarily in the opposite direction - like Donald Trump, who doesn't drink, ever, because he saw alcohol destroy his brother, who died at 45 or something.

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