Explain me on article 370 in a broader aspect

1.Why India would like to include kashmir to 370?

When Pakistan annexed much of Kashmir, the Maharaja begged India for help. India agreed to provide military and economic aid under the condition that Kashmir joins India.

Article 370 pretty much made Kashmir an autonomous region within India, but it goes without saying that it had a lot of pros and cons.

2.why pakistan is not liking the move?

Because Pakistan views Kashmir as its "jugular vein". Bear in mind that a lot of Kashmiri Muslims detest India and Indian people, and are either very supportive of Pakistan or an independent Kashmir.

Now that I mention it, have a read of the Poonch Rebellion.

Why international attention and their interest to intervene on this

Because the conflict has been raging on for more than 80 years. The people of Kashmir have endured enough hardship.

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