Explaining Why I Was Fired During Interview?

Used to work for a major call centre until about 18 months ago when I was fired for failing to meet targets. In actuality, our entire department was under-performing and despite raising months of evidence that that I had raised communication issues with the ops manager and appealed several unfairly assessed monitors in my capability hearing, I was still shitcanned.

As this was the UK and I had been working at the company for over two years, I could have dragged them through an employment tribunal and sued for unfair dismissal but I ultimately decided not to, because it was a crappy thankless minimum wage customer service job.

In the three months I spent looking for work until I ended up in my current job, I had been honest from the get-go that I was sacked to every recruiter that I spoke to whenever they asked why I left my last position. Just one recruiter raised concerns about it, and many actually sympathised with me.

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