Explaining My Past

This is so heartbreaking to read. Thank you for being able to share your story. Your family, if you can even call them that after all of this, are revolting, malevolent abominations. I'm glad to hear you don't live with them anymore and have gone NC. There is no doubt at all that you're not being dramatic, don't belittle your feelings ever. You have gone through so much, it made me tear up reading what you have endured throughout your life and from a young age. I have abusive, narcissistic parents that messed me up but it doesn't come close to what you've been put through. It's been 2 years NC but I still have so much I need to work on and you will too, like most people who have grown up in an abusive environment. At one point I felt guilty for going NC and missed them, you might go through this as well and if you do, stay strong because down the track you'll thank yourself for not breaking NC. It only brings more pain and suffering having them in your life, not to mention that they don't deserve to have you in their life in the first place. The journey to recovery isn't easy, nothing worthwhile is. Be patient with yourself and take it one step at a time. Remember that none of this is your fault, you're a survivor.

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