This explains Joey's questionable tag duel tactics! xD

I has playing with {Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys} agains para and dox...

1st turn (my): Normal-Summon {Fire King Avatar Yaksha} Special-Summon {Goka, the Pyre of Malice} Destroy {Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys} Set {Wild Tornado} End my turn

2nd turn (para) Sets a monster. Sets a trap/magic card. End turn

3rd turn (joey) Normal Summon {Time Wizard} Flip de Coin = Loss, destroy Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys and Time Wizard Loss 1450 LP = 4550 LP Sets {Skull Dice} or {Graceful Dice} i don't remember

4th turn (dox) Activate the trap card setted by Para and special summon {Labyrinth Wall} Normal summon monster in attack position. Take damage (i guess was 1400 so...) LP = 3150

5th turn Draw {Destruct Potion} Special-Summon Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys from GY and with chain activate the card from joey. Hits 5 on the dice. Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys destroy the Wild Tornado face-down Choise wall as tornado effect Sets Destruct Potion Activate Beatdown and attacks the lower monster... 2700 - 900 (from the dice) = 1800 removed so it remains 4200 to para dox

6th turn (para) Sets a face down monster. Sets 2 face down trap/spell calls end turn me>> "Joey won't mess this again..." activate Destruct Potion on Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys we got +2400 LP => 5550 End turn

7th turn (Joey) Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys destroy the 2 face-down from para and dox Joey activates {Polymerization} and Special-Summon the {Thousand Dragon} Joey normal summons {Gearfried the Iron Knight} Joey attacks the fade-down monster and destroy it Joey attacks with Thousand Dragon => 1800 LP remains Joey attacks with Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys => Win the duel

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