Explanation for noobs who don't quite understand what's going on...

I am about to tell a story that shall forever be remembered in history books as “The day Wall Street Bets took over Wall Street”. It all starts with a group of sub redditor’s called the WSB’s (WallStreetBets) and a hedge fund by the name of Melvin Capitol and a small time firm by the name of Citron Research.

It all started when some hedge funds, including Melvin Capitol, decided to short a company with the ticker GME. Even though they were able to get it down to 4 dollars they still held their short positions, in hopes of squeezing every penny they could out of the company, being the greedy muthafuckers that they are.

Some obscure members from a subreddit called r/wallstreetbets started doing research on this ticker and realized it was undervalued, hence they started taking positions in it. The stock price started to recover. The members of WSB started posting their gains and more members started buying.

The hedge funds started to increase their short positions as they saw the price of GME increase. However, they watched with concern as the price continued to climb.

Fast forward to 6-8 months to present day. The short position is at 140% and now GME has become a battleground stock between some greedy hedge funds and some very determined members on WSB's.

The hedge funds hire a firm that is known for manipulating stocks by publishing hit pieces that don't always hold up under scrutiny. The owner of this firm goes by the name of Andrew Left, and the firm is called simply Citron Research. Little did Melvin Capitol know, this was the beginning of the end.

Citron went on Twitter and Seeking Alpha to state that a hit piece was coming out on GME on the same day that the new President of the United States gets sworn in.

Citron then posted that they were going to reschedule for the next day so that it had more of an impact. Mr. Left didn't want to be overshadowed by the sudden inauguration of the President of the United States, because apparently he fucking forgot. The next day, Mr. Left (of Citron Research) tried to stream his 5 reasons that GME should be shorted, but he was confounded by the complication of setting up his equipment. WSB members jumped at the opportunity to display the incompetence of Mr. Left by DDoS'ing his twitter account (entering his user name and password over and over until he was locked out of his account), signing him up to Tinder and Grinder and sending large amounts of pepperoni and mushroom pizza’s to his loft.

Mr. Left then took the advice of some WSB'ers and loaded his 5 reasons to short GME, to YouTube. This only served as the battle cry that WSB needed to gather its members to buy and hold GME stock, no matter at what cost. Some users saw 2 million dollar accounts go to over 17 million dollars. Did they sell?!? No! They held every share and every tendie with hands made out of diamonds, nay, adamantium! Even when their accounts went to negative 2 million dollars. They watched almost 17-19 million dollars go up in smoke as Melvin Capitol tried to throw everything it had in its arsenal to get the price of GME down. These WSB members shall forever have their names etched in stone, on the moon…..of fucking Europa. This rocket went way past our own moon.

In the following days, the price of GME moved up and down like a canoe in a hurricane. Yet, as the hurricane passed, so did GME’s stock price start to stabilize….and then the unthinkable happened. To the horror of Melvin Capitol, the price started to steadily climb. It shot past 70, then 80, then 90! Melvin Capitol was in the hole for 3 billion dollars. Out of nowhere a savior came for them. A larger hedge fund called…Citadel. Citadel gave Melvin Capitol 3 billion dollars, which Melvin Capitol lost the following day when the price of GME, shot straight up to over 150 dollars. What caused this magical carpet ride to the moon you ask?

A simple tweet by the legendary Elon Musk, otherwise known on WSB as PapaElon. The tweet simply said………………….


This was not just a rallying cry for battle, but a rallying cry for freedom! Freedom from chains of the crooked billionaires. The malevolent.0001%’s that have fed off the blood of the common man for far too long! Unlike most billionaires, PapaElon knew that his legacy would never be cemented by how much money he had, for there will always be someone with more money, but how he welded the power that came with his wealth.

Currently GME stock is at 350 dollars and rising faster than the throbbing members of WSB’s. Newly minted millionaires are being made by the hour. All promising to buy momma a brand new…you guessed it, a Tesla Cyber truck. With balls of steel hanging from the mirror.

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