Explody Totem Warstaff Tree - 54Div later

spawning 2 totems is only the best if you have 2 totem masteries, because the totem taunt mastery is absolutely insane and people who don't take it are gimping themselves. 70% node forces you to take the 30% mastery and all it gives you is a support gem which is usually used on charged traps. instead of 70% chance you can get something like supported by advanced trap/swift assembly/enhance/rampage so if you value charged trap gem more than totem taunt mastery + any of the above t4 nodes then what he has is bis. if you happen to want to use a bow you can get 40% global damage / 48% dot / 20% increased effect of wither as your first node + a quiver which is tankier and easier to get but staff is more damage cuz of +1 strength.

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