Exploration Ship Fitting Trends

The Virtue of Speed:

For the entirety of my eve career I have flown under the assumption that if I am caught, I am dead. So whenever I am planning to travel long distances, or ninja in 'hostile' space I typically pay no attention to tanking, or to fielding warp core stabs.

My fittings only work because of my flight mentality. I don't fuck around in system if there are others in local, I don't warp to gates without first ensuring their safety. My fittings, and my strategy are focused on not getting caught in the first place.

Tank meanings nothing if you land in a large nullsec bubble camp. Your only hope in this situation is to evade your attackers. Stabs or tank mean nothing in this situation.

If I were not intent on following our corp credo, I would fit a gank setup, but since I am intent on following the credo, I fit an avoidance setup.

What does this mean as far as fittings go? I have my Astero fit for warp speed, alignment time, and subwarp speed. I warp at over 9au per second, so unless someone has rigged an interceptor or covops ship for warp speed, I can out run any ship in the game. Alignment time is under two seconds, I am in warp before my ship fully decloaks.

I understand that the Astero is a flavor of the month frigate, and the covops ships in general make great exploration ships. The only reason I spent the LP on an Astero over flying my Anathema was base agility and speed.

Every now and then my luck runs out, usually after I've had a few drinks, so I basically just do the best I can to stay alive. The only issue that I have with my current Astero fitting is that it is stupidly expensive, and if I get ganked I'll be out a tremendous amount of isk.

I am open to answering any questions on this topic.

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