Exposing FAKE Parkour Girl on Rooftops of Paris

"You go to the playoffs, you have your pick of 5 stars. The rich get richer. One of the most compelling reasons to expand the playoff is to spread the talent out a bit more to make things more competitive."

I'm hoping the playoffs expand sooner than later, but I was curious if this has been the case for everyone so I took a look at the teams not named Alabama, OSU, Clemson, UGA, and LSU since they were vacuuming 5*'s before making their 1st playoff appearance. I've only included the the first OU appearance even though they've made the playoff 3 more times after that.

Playoff Team 5*'s in Previous 5 Classes 5*'s Since Appearance
2020 Notre Dame 2 0
2018 Notre Dame 1 1('20)
2016 Washington 0 2(1 '20, 1 '21)
2015 MSU 1 0
2015 OU 4 6
2014 Oregon 2 5(3 '20, 1 '19, 1 '15,)
2014 FSU 17 9
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