Extremely excited for the future of Halo content

It is listening to the community and truly making it a long lasting experience that has a thought out plan for the future of the franchise.

Sorry, but the notion that 343i/MS is listening to anyone other than their primary stockholders is a load of BS. Anything they do, they do because it will likely put a big fat stack of cash in their execs' pockets.

They don't care about Halo's story, or characters, or integrity, or any of it. They care about souless statistics and sqeezing as much money from the franchise as possble before/until it finally chokes out and dies. That's just the way big business is.

Don't be fooled by any seeming act of "care" from the devs or any promise of something you want. It's all just a manipulation tactic. I learned my lesson in 2015 that these people will say anything to trick potential customers into buying thier products. And nothing since then has changed. Don't make the same mistake I did and blindly trust people that don't give a hoot about anything other than their bottom line. Let alone give them praise for it.

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