extremely grateful friend celebrates his "angel's" birthday with a painfully awkward photo

This is cringe worthy for both the guy and the girl IMHO. They would make a great couple and compliment each other's attractiveness levels perfectly for their age.

The reason it won't work out is due to the guy's demonstrated lack of self-confidence, along with the girls inflated sense of self.

To the guy:

Forget about dating and girls for awhile and focus on finding inner peace and serenity on your own without needing a woman's validation. You need to be happy with yourself and with who you are before any woman will see your value. You need to love yourself before someone else can love you.

Women are not attracted to men who don't have confidence in themselves. At your age, females are not supposed to be your emotional support—you're supposed to be theirs. It's not a two way street on the emotional front until you've been dating long-term or are getting married.

To the girl:

Listen Faith, let's get real here. If you could attract the type of guy you misguidedly think you're capable of getting you would have been asked out to prom by someone other than the guy who you've decided to friendzone and use for all these years. You're not as pretty as you probably think you are and your overinflated self ego is undoubtedly making things worse for you. To guys who are in relationships for more than just sex, nothing is worse than fake women who uses others to make themselves feel good.

The cringe worthy aspect of yourself is that you went to prom with someone who you clearly didn't like (as is evident by the awkward neck angle and distance you kept in the photo) just so you didn't feel left out or undesirable. Why even go to prom if you don't enjoy the company you're with?

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