Eye for An Eye

Those lines are all meant to be like that. I mention that wisdom and pride are meals like whisky and wine. Then describe how pride is like whisky and wisdom is like wine. Whisky (pride) is a hard drink to swallow. Wisdom (wine) gets better with age. The two lines about pride line could use a re-write though, it's not very clear the cyanide is really only in there as I was trying to crowbar another pride rhyme into the line. "Bitter and burns so you're red in the face" would be a better line and it still rhyme with the next one. I've trimmed and re-written it slightly and I think it's an improvement so far.

They say an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind
and in a mad world the sane man is as kind/ /the sane man is maligned
It's no wonder then, that out of sight is out of mind
an eye for an eye is a lie. pound for pound, it's just trading pride for pride

A snake hissing threats at the roots of wisdoms tree and its fruit
but wisdom and pride are like whisky and whine
Bitter and burns so you're red in the face
Swallowing pride is an acquired taste
and as grapes from the vine, wisdom ages like wine
revenge is a dish that ages like brine

                             /dine on the poison yourself and expect anothers decline               
                                                /you don't want to look weak so you thresh     
                                                 /but forget the cheek is the tenderest flesh

taking his sight for yours, and its prize?
you're the man with no eyes, but his pride!
So they say an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind
And the king in the land of the blind is the man with one eye

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