"F*CK the government I supported"

I disagree.

While I had the same reaction of anger when the GE results came in, I've come to the conclusion that expressing hatred toward working class Tories has a very classist element to it. Having grown up in an extremely safe Labour seat, I'm not surprised that working class voters have started turning away from Labour. You would see Labour making so much effort in marginal seats (and even safe Tory seats), meanwhile most people didn't even know who our MP was because you never saw her.

One time, a car went around our neighbourhood telling us to vote for an MP. That is the most effort Labour ever put in there. I've always said Labour needed to pay more attention to their safe seats: your life's shit, it doesn't seem to be getting better and the message Labour seemed to be sending was turning away from Labour is the way to get them to pay attention to you.

No one talks about that, though. When the GE results came in, the amount of classism (and insulting of Northerners) that came from it and I still witness to this day is appalling, even though there are plenty of non-working class and non-Northern people who voted Tory. It's the same with Brexit: all I ever hear about is the racist working class, like no one else voted for it.

By saying things like this, we're feeding into what I believe is a way classism has become acceptable in the left. I'm not sure how no one else sees the problem with leftist discourse becoming full of non-working class people, a lot of whom have previously voted Conservative or have parents who continue to and have no issue having them support them financially, talking about how uneducated and disdainful working class people who had supported Labour for decades are.

Case in point that it's a class issue? I'm from Merseyside, which remained very safe Labour, yet I still see again and again on news about deprivation in the region comments claiming people there deserve it because they voted for it. They didn't, but this discouse has allowed showing open distaste for and blaming of the working class to be seen as activism.

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