F OFF DAVE! - Millennials and Gen Z living at home are a ‘train wreck’ thanks to their parents, says personal finance guru Dave Ramsey

This. Boomers love to parade about how tough they had it growing up but the older I get, the more I'm convinced they're all just overgrown man-children.

They always have to make it into a competition to see who had the most edgelord upbringing while failing to acknowledge that they had privileges growing up. Admitting that they had these privileges will end up making them feel like the frauds they really are.

Boomers love to say how sensitive the new generations are but are quick to throw insults when you point out their hypocrisy. Boomers love to say how young generations love to spend on luxuries when boomers lived with the "money needs to be spent" mentality. It's all pure projection at this point and I can't until the Boomer generation finally dies off. Maybe until then we can finally clean the shitfest that they've caused (All because these dumbfucks refuse to retire).

God, what an insufferable generation that no one will really miss once they're gone.

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